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You stay focused on the big picture. Let us sweat the small stuff.

Our people, process, and products are optimized for efficiency and adaptability so we can take care of everything for you. Don’t worry. We got this.

Quality you can count on.

The most trusted OEM’s in the game across 26 countries trust Shrader’s quality products, and we’ll stake our reputation on the fact they always will.

Identifying problems. Innovating solutions.

We research and develop right here under our roof. We know this industry, we know its problems, and we’re perfectly equipped to create the solutions.

Expertise througH evolution.

We’ve learned a lot in our 60-plus years on the scene. Our heritage informs everything we do, because you can’t move forward without looking back, and understanding past successes (and failures) builds strength and vision for the future.

Awards and Testimonials

Proud recipients of multiple honours and awards.
Prouder recipients of glowing reviews from wonderful clients.

We are Shrader.


Welcome to a place where adversity is embraced and excellence is expected.

We opened our doors 63 years ago, armed with one product and a vision for how business should be done: products should solve problems, jobs should be done right, and there is always a way to make life better for our customers.


Under the guidance of our late president James Malcolm, we spent the intervening years weathering the storms so common to our industry with a mixture of grit, adaptability, and an unyielding drive to succeed. Thanks to those qualities, we have become a globally-focused yet inherently Canadian company, producing over 100 OEM approved products, with a reputation as one of the most trusted manufacturers in the country.

So, welcome.

Welcome to a company built on strength, innovation, and an innate belief in the limitless power of individuals united in a common goal. Welcome to a company who knows that quality is not a laurel to be rested upon, a company who has never faltered in its commitment to its customers and partners, and a company who simply does not indulge the notion of a ‘shortcut’. Welcome to a company who works tirelessly in pursuit of the satisfaction of producing products and services that exceed even the highest of standards.

Welcome to Shrader.

James "Jim" Malcolm


Ralph Shrader founds Shrader with one product: Combustion Chamber Cleaner, which would come to be fondly known as "Tune Up in a Can".




Shrader’s heritage product, Combustion Chamber Cleaner, becomes the first of its kind to come in an aerosol, allowing for easier application.


Shrader creates a pressurized Fuel Injector Cleaner product and application system which was quickly adopted by 2 of the “Big Three” OEM’s, plus a number of other OEM’s and automotive aftermarket companies.


Jim’s daughter Andrea Malcolm takes the helm to steer Shrader into the next 63 years.

One of the first major packagers and fillers to achieve the ISO:14001 Environmental Quality Accreditation for the implementation of recycling and re-purposing initiatives.

One of the first service chemical providers to attain the Ford Q101 quality accreditation, followed by Ford Q1, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental accreditations.

Shrader’s version of a Multi-dose bottle, in 3 sizes, is a unique design in the industry. As the bottles require a plug in the bottom of the chamber, Shrader’s Engineering Team invented a machine to install the plug on the bottle filling line.

As Port Fuel Injection Systems are replaced with Direct Fuel Injection systems, Shrader began researching and developing ways to deal with new challenges. A compact 2-part chemical preventative maintenance product kit and application tool has already been launched into the automotive aftermarket, and is being reviewed by some OEM Customers.

Shrader developed a unique, and more efficient, version of an aerosol can extension tube retention system allowing for the replacement of the extension tube back on to the aerosol cap to avoid loss.

Shrader was the first Chemical Service & Maintenance Product manufacturer to produce private-label branded products for non-automotive OEMs Volvo and Mack trucks.

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