Maintaining Your RV To Go The Distance: Leather, Upholstery, and Tires


Canada is summer obsessed, and none of us plan on letting any adventure opportunity pass. We won’t even let a summer writing opportunity pass (see: Car Care and The Canadian Summer). So you’ve chosen the RV path. Firstly, jealous. 

Secondly, let’s talk RV leather, upholstery, and tire maintenance. Whether you are an RV veteran, or are taking one on the road for the first time, here are some must-haves to bring with you (aside from good company. awww...):


Leather/vinyl care

Bring a cleaner that is not as picky as Aunt Marjorie (everyone has an Aunt Marjorie?) as to whether something is leather or vinyl. Your seats, surfaces, dashboard, trims, and roofs could be the perfect candidate for this Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. The cleaner is ideal for removing dirt, restoring sheen, and providing a protective coast.

In order to ensure your leather and vinyl are protected, make sure to treat them to a nice conditioner. A conditioner reduces the possibility of cracking, provides long-lasting protection, and makes pretty with a high-gloss finish. This Leather and Vinyl Conditioner can also treat wood furniture, and rubber and plastic surfaces too. It’s a good go-to product to keep in-stock.

Carpet and upholstery care

It’s a mobile home. All the food and drink spills of a regular home, with speed bumps and potholes. Make sure you’re well equipped with a Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner that is specifically made for deep cleaning of automotive carpets, carpets, seats, equipment, covers, leather and vinyl too. This cleaner gets deep into surfaces to take out dirt, stains, grease, grime and even stress out of most situations.

Tire and rim care

Canadian weather is being super unpredictable these days. There is likely some rain, sun, some hail on the menu. All the ingredients to make a nice thick mud. Keep’em tires shiny and clean with a foam cleaner. It’s a super easy spray and walk away, and roll into your destination looking fly with game (unnecessary rhyme). This Tire Foam Cleaner gives a super long lasting high gloss.

And clean tires deserve a fancy (and protective) dressing. Not only will your tires look all pretty, they will have the perfect defensive layer between your expensive tires and the world of dirt and grime. This Tire Shine and Dressing is not greasy, dries in a satin finish, and protects from sunlight and weathering. But wait, there’s more! You can use this fantastic formula all over your RV, including on rubber, plastic, vinyl, bumpers, trim, door panels, dashboards, air vents, engine compartment detailing, and many other interior surfaces (when applied with a cloth). A solid (liquid) investment.

Adrian Dion